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Take a custom tour, or design a tour! You may organize your itinerary around any of our custom tours, or personalize your own tour with specific landmarks. Briefly, our custom tours include:

Riverwalk: Some of the Underground Railroad ran along Main Street; sometimes it was the Genesee River. Douglass and other agents knew the street and the river route. You will learn them, too. Through vivid enactments, this tour highlights the lives of master agent and orator Frederick Douglass, intrepid forerunner Austin Steward, and courageous Harriet A. Jacobs.

Riverstroll: Expands upon Riverwalk and visits historic sites such as the “Let’s Have Tea” Sculpture of Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony, the Douglass Family plot in historic Mt. Hope Cemetery, and the Douglass Monument in Highland Park. Visits to additional sites can be arranged.

Freedom Trail, East: Stories abound along the Underground Railroad that wound through the Finger Lakes region of New York. This day-long tour leads to the Harriet Tubman Home, and the home of President Lincoln’s Secretary of State William Seward—and beyond.

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