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We develop educational programs and provide a unique resource to schools through our mission to promote the Freedom Movement in the Rochester area.

Our Underground Railroad Gallery
See our slideshow of students making their own stops on Rochester’s Underground Railroad and other culturally relevant locations; reenactors close the gap between 19th and 20th-century life, increasing student awareness of historical actions and contemporary issues.

Good news for Educators
Thank you for visiting our website where we offer information on our Artist-in-Residence program, Underground Railroad tours, and other historical curricula. You have taken the first step toward an enriching classroom experience.

Steps Toward Freedom” can be packaged as a multi-visit residency, a single presentation, or as an Underground Railroad tour. The program’s goal is to bring the history of those persons involved in the freedom struggle from 1850’s Afro-Rochester through the 1960’s Civil Rights movement to life through story and drama. In this way, we are able to pass on to the present generation some of the history, personal attributes and cultural heritage of those African Americans who made historical contributions to Rochester.

The New York State Standards of English Language Arts, Social Studies, and the Arts are emphasized throughout the project. The reenactors interact with students during class time and also while they experience a local Underground Railroad tour. Those classes which are unable to partake in the entire “Steps Toward Freedom” program experience just the living history presentation by our reenactors. Questions? Simply e-mail us or call (585) 482-5192 at your convenience.

Good news for Students

After an AKWAABA Tour, Genesee Charter Schools fifth-graders produced their own website. These remarkable young students were very inquisitive. The tour helped engage their interest and piqued their appetite for research. Please visit their website today.

The students also participated in our “Riverstroll”

Underground Railroad Tour. The Rochester City School District invited AKWAABA to again perform “Cargo, No Loss or Damage” for all of the fifth-grade classes and their teachers. The “Cargo…” tells of Rochester area abolitionists who held rallies at Memorial AME Zion Church to support “freedom seekers” coming through the area on their way to Canada. During the meeting, a group of “freedom seekers” led by Harriet Tubman arrived and shared their adventures before their escape and on the trail to freedom.

Here are a few photos taken of students from Genesee Charter School (October 2016): [PHOTOS]