AKWAABA: The Heritage Associates, Inc. presents stories of those who were running to freedom on the Underground Railroad, like “The Unknown Ones,” and brings these historical sites and events to life. Our tour guides narrate the histories of sites and the memorials established to those who created our history. Your senses will be marvelously challenged by the reenactments of the exploits of historical figures! Read what others are saying about our presentations.

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We are participating in the Passport to Your National Parks Program in the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor. Collect a free cancellation stamp at the conclusion of our Riverwalk tour! Interested tour-goers should request a passport. This new partnership builds on the inclusion of our Riverstroll tour into the National Park Service Underground Railroad program coordinating preservation and education efforts nationwide and integrating local historical places, museums, and interpretive programs associated with the Underground Railroad into a mosaic of community, regional, and national stories. [Read more news …]

AKWAABA interprets the 19th century freedom movement through tours, reenactments, plays and other educational presentations of the sites, personalities and events that comprised the Underground Railroad, especially those identified with the Finger Lakes region of New York State [Read more]. Even before Frederick Douglass arrived on Rochester’s shores, Austin Steward was hard at work contributing to the business community of what was then called Rochesterville. Rochester later became home to Frederick Douglass, Harriet Jacobs and Susan B. Anthony who lent their hearts and souls to the Abolitionist movement. Adding their energy to the cause of helping enslaved fugitives escape bondage through this stop on the Underground Railroad were Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth.

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