Underground RR

Customize Your Tour Along The Underground Railroad
Spend from two hours to three days experiencing AKWAABA tours and onsite presentations specifically tailored to your needs.

Walk in the footsteps of weary travelers seeking freedom. Understand the events and personalities that shaped Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Luddie Bell, Austin Steward and many more people whose life stories are chapter and verse of the the Underground Railroad. Visit the site of Frederick Douglass’s office. Learn the stirring stories … the freedom quest of Frederick, Anna, Harriet, Austin, and others. Behold the first public monument to an African American. Touch the sculpture of Anthony and Douglass having tea. Pay tribute at the resting place of the Douglass Family in historic victorian Mt. Hope Cemetery. Follow the original route of the Erie Canal in Rochester and learn its significance in the Freedom Movement. Hear “Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl” as lived by Harriet Jacobs.

Experience a reenactment at the commercial site where Austin Steward started his grocery business. Learn of his life as twenty two years a slave and more than forty a free man.